Shows Like Psych That Comedy-Drama Fans Need To Watch

If you want some more unconventional private eyes, you have to check out “Terriers,” one of TV’s best one-season wonders. Leads Hank (Donal Logue), a former cop whose drinking problem tanked his job and his marriage, and Britt (Michael Raymond-James), a former thief trying to go straight, have an unlicensed, under-the-table detective agency. They’re barely scraping by, but their talent for unconventional problem-solving wins them a steady stream of clients.

“Terriers” supplements its cases of the week with a season-long hard-boiled mystery, and the show’s plots are consistently sharp and well-executed. But the biggest attraction here is definitely the laid-back chemistry among the cast: Everybody here is both funny and real, capable of cracking us up and breaking our hearts.

The show was critically beloved, but as The AV Club explained, low ratings — and arguably lackluster marketing — meant it never really got off the ground with audiences. But it remains a favorite of everyone who caught it. Damon Lindelof, who ran “Lost,” “Watchmen,” and “The Leftovers,” was a huge fan and said in a since-deleted tweet that “Cancellation sucks, but 10 years from now, we’ll still be talking about ‘Terriers.'” And indeed, here we are.

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