Skeleton Knight In Another World Release Date, Cast, And Plot

As far as the plot of “Skeleton Knight in Another World” goes, it’s actually rather important that Ponta is more friend than foe — and that’s because friends are something Arc is in short supply of. 

Once a regular human from the real world, an unnamed gamer mysteriously wakes up as the custom character in his favorite RPG after falling asleep at his desk. Despite looking like a horrifying skeleton, Arc decides to fight for the sake of good (this is a far cry from the isekai genre’s other famous skeletal anti-hero from “Overlord,” who isn’t too concerned with killing the innocent). Thankfully, Arc’s good side brings him fortune. After saving two maidens from being assaulted by bandits, one of the women turns out to be royalty, and Arc is thus afforded some privileges that help him survive in this foreign society. 

He then continues his adventures as a force for good … albeit, while still being forced to hide his undead nature from the world.

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