The American Horror Story Role Adina Porter Calls Her Favorite

In a recent interview with Decider, Adina Porter talked about the current season of “American Horror Story: Double Feature” and took the time to look back on some of the characters she’s previously played on the show. Porter even revealed that it was “kind of easy” to pick her favorite “American Horror Story” role. “I’ve gotten a Emmy nomination for playing Beverly motherf**king Hope,” said the actress. “If I die tomorrow, it’d be like, ‘Proud of two beautiful children and Beverly motherf**king Hope’ on my tombstone.”

A resentful and bitter broadcast news host, Beverly Hope was a recurring character in “American Horror Story: Cult.” She used her position in the media to ensure that Kai (Evan Peters) had the public’s attention during his run for city council. However, later in the season, Beverly finds out that Kai has been manipulating her and the other female cult members.

She ultimately kills Kai and, even more impressively, manages to avoid getting hit with any federal charges because the FBI believes her to be a victim of the cult’s actions, rather than a member of it. The character took several startling and unexpected turns over the course of “Cult,” all of which were brilliantly portrayed by Porter. As a result, it’s easy to see why Porter not only received an Emmy nomination for her performance as the character but also continues to hold the role in such high regard.

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