The First Hawkeye Trailer Is Blowing Fans Away

The new trailer is one big tease of what’s to come with the archer and his new protege Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). According to an Entertainment Weekly interview, Renner gave us some insight into what we can expect between Clint and Kate. Serving as a fangirl of the famous Avenger, Kate apparently brings an “onslaught of problems” into Clint’s life. The aforementioned Florence Pugh is also showing up, but the cast is even further stacked than that. Joining the MCU is Vera Farmiga of “The Conjuring” fame, who will play Kate’s mother. Brian d’Arcy James, Zahn McClarnon, Tony Dalton, and Alaqua Cox also round out the cast.

Whether we’ll see any other famous MCU faces in “Hawkeye” remains to be seen. There were no returnees outside of Wanda and Vision in “WandaVision,” while “Loki” was without any big MCU cameos as well. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” featured a brief appearance of James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) in the first episode, but the rest of the series was cameo-less. We can expect the same of Clint’s solo series if the new show follows its predecessor’s footsteps. Yelena might be the only returnee, but someone more tenured than her in the MCU probably won’t show up. One thing is for certain — “Hawkeye” is going to be a thrill for MCU fans, and we’re happy the character is finally in the spotlight.

“Hawkeye” lands on Disney+ on November 24.

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