The Surprising Actor Who Refused To Play Yara Greyjoy On Game Of Thrones

It’s no secret that Alfie Allen’s sister, multi-hyphenate Brit music icon Lily Allen, has a knack for ribbing him in a way that calls to mind Yara’s own tough-love dynamic with Theon. After all, back in the day, Allen even put out a hit song about how much of a deadbeat her brother was. Therefore, the mind boggles at the thought that they could have actually brought their real-life dynamic into “Game of Thrones.”

During a 2014 Reddit AMA promoting her album “Sheezus,” Lily answered a question about her feelings on Alfie’s post-“Alfie” lift-off with a behind-the-scenes tidbit: “I’ve been asked to do a Game of Thrones cameo, they asked me if I’d be interested in playing Theon’s sister, and I felt uncomfortable because I would have had to go on a horse and he would have touched me up and s**t. Once they told me what was entailed, I said no thanks,” the singer wrote.

Indeed, the Season 2 scene in which Yara tests Theon by posing as a commoner and letting him attempt to seduce her is already uncomfortable enough as it is, making Allen’s decision to reject the part a completely understandable one — fun as it might have been to see what the UK’s sharpest tongue could have brought to the role of the Iron Islands’ biggest badass.

But alas, according to Alfie Allen himself, that was never actually in the realm of possibility.

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