The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 4 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

In Season 11, Maggie leads a team of people back to her former community of Meridian, which has since been taken over by the Reapers. Considering the Alexandrians haven’t seen Maggie for years and were clueless about the Reapers, you might think that Meridian is far away. That’s not quite the case, though. After traveling through the DC subway system, Maggie’s group is ambushed by the Reapers almost as soon as they emerge from underground. Traveling across the DC metro area without any kind of modern transportation would certainly take some time but in terms of raw distance, this means that Meridian isn’t actually too far away from Alexandria.

In the Reddit discussion thread for “Rendition,” several users wrote in to say that the narrative and geography of the Reapers doesn’t really add up. User u/BadCompany22 kicked things off when they asked, “How did the Reapers manage to set up this place without the communities finding out while they were doing it? And how did they manage to avoid attracting the attention of the Whisperers?”

And that’s only part of the issue. We know that Leah was separated from the Reapers and ended up somewhere near Alexandria before she met Daryl. Later on, the Reapers stumbled upon her and they all reunited. This is kind of a remarkable coincidence considering that it doesn’t appear that the Reapers originated in the DC metro area. As user u/BlondeZombie68 noted, “These people came from further away, but she knew them before. So did they just all end up in the same place out of coincidence?”

Ultimately, the weird geography comes down to, as u/Racing2F puts it, “Apparently they are simultaneously hundreds of miles away, and also just across the DC metro.”

Season 11 of “The Walking Dead” is currently airing on AMC and AMC+.

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