The Walking Dead’s Lynn Collins Dishes On Playing Daryl’s Love Interest

During a recent interview with Insider, Lynn Collins says she knew she’d be on board for the tenth and final seasons of “The Walking Dead,” but had to keep her involvement a secret. She was apparently warned that the show’s fans might dislike her because they want Daryl to end up with Carol or someone else. However, she also says that Johnny O’Dell, who ran “The Walking Dead” social media for Skybound, reminded her that working on the series is supposed to be fun and that she didn’t have to engage with its fans.

While she acknowledges the importance of the fandom, she dealt with the social media backlash by ignoring the audience’s comments and concentrating on the performance. “It’s easy to just focus on the work and focus on giving the fans the best show we can possibly give them. Whatever their opinion is going to be about it, we can’t control that. We’re just here to tell the story,” the actress said.

Of course, there were still moments when Collins wasn’t sure if she could handle the pressure. “I knew where the character was going,” Collins admitted, “and I wanted to be commenting, ‘Y’all have no idea. It’s not what you think. This doesn’t go where you think it goes.’ So it’s just been a game of how can I keep my mouth shut?”

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