Where Is Two And A Half Men’s Angus T. Jones Now?

Well, one place Jones hasn’t been is on screen — unless you count the nonstop “Two and a Half Men” reruns on local TV and basic cable. In fact, his IMDb page lists only one appearance as an actor since the “Two and a Half Men” finale — in an episode of since disgraced comedian Louis CK’s self-produced online sitcom “Horace and Pete” in 2016.

Instead, Jones headed for college, attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, starting as an environmental studies major before switching to Jewish studies, an interesting evolution given that he had previously identified as a Seventh Day Adventist. According to People, Jones took a break from college before graduating, leaving for a job as president of Tonite, a business founded by Justin Combs (son of Sean “Puffy” Combs”) as a “disruptive live events company.” Unfortunately, it appears the venture did not last beyond 2016, which is the last year it has any posts on social media, and Combs’ LinkedIn page has him moving on from the company that year.

The most recent Jones sighting occurred very recently in Los Angeles, where paparazzi snapped the 27 year old walking barefoot down the street, sporting a huge beard and a big smile. Beyond that, there’s been no reporting on what Jones is doing with his time — which means he seems to have succeeded in his goal of leaving show business behind and living a quiet life outside the spotlight now that he is fully grown and more than half a man.

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