Will Mandy Be Back In Virgin River Season 4?

In Season 3, “Virgin River” threw up not one but two potential roadblocks on the road to Mel and Jack’s happily ever after. First, Mel revealed that she wanted to try to have a child even though in the show’s timeline she’s only known Jack for a handful of months. That might seem very quick—and it definitely is—but this is TV. We’ve also known since Season 1 that Mel desperately wants to be a mother, so it makes sense that, having fallen in love with Jack, she’d want to try for children now.

However, Jack was hesitant to add another child to the mix since he’s already having twins, so Mel made the difficult decision to go through another round of IVF on her own. The season eventually culminates with Mel interrupting Jack’s proposal to reveal that she’s pregnant. It isn’t clear yet whether the child is Jack’s or Mel’s late husband’s as a result of IVF. But Mel’s pregnancy might not be the only thing complicating things for the couple in a potential Season 4.

Earlier in Season 3, Jack’s sister, Brie (Zibby Allen), arrived in town and accidentally revealed to Mel that Jack had been married before, to his high school sweetheart, a woman named Mandy. Jack later told Mel that the marriage, which happened right out of high school, was a mistake and that Mandy had filed for divorce when he went to Iraq. But fans of the show are now wondering if this new information was actually setting up Mandy’s eventual arrival.

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