Will We See This Epic Pair Of Villains In Amazon’s Middle-Earth Show?

When Morgoth and Ungoliant officially decide to work together, they know they want to hurt the Valar. But they’re not exactly in a superior position at the moment. So, they decide to hit below the belt by striking at their enemies where it will really hurt. Their target? The Two Trees. What are those? As previously mentioned, they may be the two shiny trees seen in Amazon Studio’s first released image. Before the sun and moon are created, this magical pair of glowing trees provide light for an entire third of the world and are hallowed by Elves and spirits alike. But — spoiler alert — the Two Trees are destroyed and, from this ruin, comes the sun and moon.

With this pair of arboreal illuminators as their target, Morgoth and Ungoliant pack up and secretly head back to the Blessed Realm, where they plan to cause some serious trouble. As they go along, Ungoliant weaves webs of darkness around herself and Morgoth to stay hidden. Morgoth also plans their arrival for a time when he knows everyone will be away attending an annual festival. This combination of factors enables the duo to attack the Two Trees when no one is expecting it. Morgoth stabs them with a spear, causing their sap to pour out, which then causes his famished arachnid partner to drink them dry. The land goes dark, and the villains high-tail it out of there before they are caught. This sets the rest of the events of “The Silmarillion” in motion.

Neither Morgoth nor Ungoliant makes it to the Second Age, the supposed time period of Amazon’s show. Morgoth is imprisoned again, this time without an expiration date. Ungoliant becomes so hungry that she eats herself, which is, well, gross.

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