38% Of Chicago PD Fans Think This Is Voight’s Favorite Unit Member

Thanks to a recent poll on Reddit, “Chicago P.D.” fans now have a good idea of who on Voight’s team is likely his favorite and most trusted detective, at least as of right now in the series. Based on 342 votes total, 38% of the vote, or 130 votes, agreed that Jay Halstead, the detective played by Jesse Lee Soffer, is arguably Voight’s most favored unit member. As for why this is probably true, fans took to the comments, with one saying that “It’s definitely Jay. [Voight] even tells Jay that if he does things the right way, the unit might be his to command in the future, probably when Hank retires.” 

Of course, this poll seems to only be considering the people around right now on “Chicago P.D.”, with many commenters stating that if it were in consideration of the whole show, the answer would probably be either Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) or Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas). The former leaves the show in Season 4 after she brutally attacks a suspect to get information, leading Voight to get her recruited to a narcotics unit in NYC, while Alvin is killed in prison in Season 5. 

Voight certainly loses a lot of people close to him over the seasons, but thankfully, Jay has remained a dependable and principled detective who the leader can faithfully depend on in times of need. 

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