American Horror Story’s Adina Porter Opens Up About That Bloody Twist

While speaking to the New York Post, Porter also clarified that she is certainly no stranger to her characters dying. “It’s a champagne problem, but I don’t remember all of my [onscreen] deaths. I do die a lot!” However, she commended the scene for its impact and said that this was one of the best deaths she’s been able to play.

When asked about the future, the actress also teased that fans could see Chief Burleson again, saying, “Well, there are scenes that I act in, and then there’s what the editor creates. So, I’m never going to say never.”

Porter shared similar comments about her character’s gory demise during a September interview with GameSpot Universe. She noted that “as an actor,” she felt that the death was “too soon.” The actress then shared that she “just wanted to make the audience really fall for the Chief in what little time we had so when she was taken out, it hurt.” The “True Blood” star stressed again that “anything can happen” in the world of “American Horror Story,” so this may not be the last time viewers see Chief Burleson.

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