Cinematographers Guild To Hold Meeting On Status Of IATSE Contract Negotiations – Deadline

The Cinematographers Guild will hold an online informational meeting for members Sunday to update them on the status of IATSE’s negotiations for a new film and TV contract. The union’s current pact with management’s AMPTP, which covers IATSE’s 13 West Coast studio locals, expired on September 10, but negotiations are continuing.

“We continue to work towards reaching an agreement that your bargaining committee and National Executive Board can recommend, and our members can ratify. We are not there yet, but that is our goal,” said John Lindley, president of the Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, in an email to members.

“We intentionally scheduled this meeting for a week after the contract extension expiration to allow for a resolution on our priorities,” Lindley wrote. “Although talks with the AMPTP are continuing, it does not appear an Agreement is imminent. Therefore, on Sunday, September 19, we will hold an online Local 600 nation-wide briefing on the status of negotiations, the contract extension, and the potential for either a contract ratification vote or a strike authorization vote.”

IATSE Gearing Up For Possible Strike Against Film & TV Industry

“After weeks of negotiations,” he noted, “the 13 Hollywood Locals continue to stand together to fight for the priorities of our members:

• Reasonable Rest: Daily and weekend rest periods and relief from Fraturdays
• Living Wage: For the lowest paid crafts
• Breaks: Time to get off our feet and eat
• Not so New Media: Increased rates that reflect streaming’s success
• Sustainable Benefits: No cost shifting to participants, 13th and 14th checks, funding mechanisms that ensure all distribution methods pay their fair share.

“Now that the contract has expired,” he wrote, “we are getting questions about what happens next. We will answer as many as possible in greater detail on the 19th, but you should know:

1. There is no change to the terms and conditions we are working under, even though the extension agreement has expired. We continue to work under the expired agreement.
2. Retroactivity for any new terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation, as it always is. As one example, new wages and new benefits are typically retroactive, but some items, like new rest and meal period provisions, would only be effective prospectively. Any further developments that occur between now and the 19th will be reported when we meet, or earlier, as circumstances dictate.”

Sunday’s meeting, Lindley noted, is open only to members of Local 600 in good standing. “Local 600 and the other locals in the Hollywood Bargaining Unit continue to engage with the employers and work towards a fair deal for all of our members.”

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