Frank Ocean’s Creepy Alien Baby Is an Unexpected Met Gala Accessory

Frank Ocean brought an unusual friend with him to the 2021 Met Gala. 

The boundary-pushing singer, who isn’t known for making many public appearances, hit the red carpet on Monday, Sept. 13, where his green-dyed hair appeared to be a similar hue to the skin tone of a robotic alien baby he was carrying with him. He also wore a dark Prada jacket over a white T-shirt, along with a silver necklace from his own Homer jewelry line. 

At one point, Frank was asked for the name of his “son,” to which the 33-year-old “Thinkin Bout You” singer replied, “Cody.” The synthetic infant was cheerfully seen bobbing its head, blinking and waving at fans as Frank cradled it. 

During a chat with Keke Palmer about his inspirations for the outfit, Frank explained he intended it as an homage to America and movie magic. 

“I think it’s kinda all going through one stream now,” Frank said about how fashion and “getting ourselves together” has melded with other aspects of life and entertainment. 

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