Is Briana Henry Really Leaving General Hospital?

It’s understandable that soap opera fans are wary of actors leaving their favorite shows. Actors rarely commit to a single role for decades on end, and even if a character sticks around for years and years, they might not be played by the same actor. Briana Henry herself is the second actor to portray Jordan Ashford, having taken over from Vinessa Antoine in 2018. What’s more, Henry herself has already been replaced by another actress in the role, although on a temporary basis (per Soap Opera News). When Henry was recovering from COVID-19 in early 2020, Tiffany Daniels filled in as Jordan.

However, there are no official news about the actress’ departure, so barring any further developments on that front, it’s probably safer to assume that Henry is returning to the show before long, or simply enjoying some well-deserved time off. Then again, the world of soap operas is a turbulent one, so who knows? There’s always a chance that Henry has indeed left the “General Hospital” building in every sense of the phrase. The whole situation is perhaps best summarized by this exchange on Twitter: “She’s off to get dialysis therapy. Aka vacation time!” user @bekyhomeky wrote. “I hope when Jordan returns that Briana’s still playing her,” @hey_judeah replied. 

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