Norm Macdonald’s Career Left The Actor With A Massive Net Worth At His Death

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Macdonald is worth approximately $2.5 million, which many would agree marks one highly successful career. Before “Saturday Night Live,” Macdonald worked as a writer for “The Dennis Miller Show” and “Roseanne.”

Moving on to “Saturday Night Live,” we can assume he earned an even bigger salary than he did as a writer, considering the notoriety associated with the popular sketch comedy series. According to a Rare article published in 2020, first-year cast members on “SNL” make about $7,000 per episode (adding up to $147,000 per season) and a fifth-year cast member reportedly makes $15,000 per episode ($315,000 per season). While there aren’t any reports about Macdonald’s specific salary, we can assume it was somewhere in this range.

After “SNL,” Macdonald worked fairly consistently, beginning with his own sitcom, “The Norm Show,” which aired from 1999 to 2001. He also acted in numerous films, such as 1995’s “Billy Madison, 1998’s “Dirty Work,” and 2010’s “Grown Ups.” He also did voice work in a string of films throughout his career, most recently in the 2019 Christmas movie “Klaus,” as well as the upcoming “Back Home Again.”

With this memorable career, it’s no wonder that Macdonald left behind such a big net worth — and even bigger legacy.

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