Superman And Lois Season 2 Has Begun Shooting

Elizabeth Tulloch’s tweet featured a photo of the cover page for the “Superman & Lois” Season 2 premiere script along with the caption, “Day one, Season Two! #SupermanAndLois.” The episode is titled “What Lies Beneath” and is written by showrunner Todd Helbing along with Brent Fletcher, both of whom also wrote the script for the “Superman & Lois” Season 1 finale.

Helbing gave an interview with TV Line the day the Season 1 finale aired, and in it, he shared some hints about the direction that the show’s second season will take. The showrunner specifically said in that interview that the show’s Season 2 premiere will continue the storyline last explored in “Holding The Wrench,” which saw Lois go to therapy to try to process her emotions over an earlier miscarriage, only for her to discover that her miscarried child, Natalie (Tayler Buck), was actually alive on an alternate version of Earth. That version of Natalie later showed up in the series’ Season 1 finale.

Additionally, fans can likely expect the “Superman & Lois” Season 2 premiere to begin setting up the show’s next big bad, especially now that Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) has defeated Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner). While Helbing hasn’t said who the show’s next villain will be, he did say in his TV Line interview that it (probably) won’t be another powerful Kryptonian and won’t be a villain who appeared on “Supergirl” either.

Fortunately, with “Superman & Lois” Season 2 officially in production, fans are just one step closer to finding out where the series plans on taking them next.

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