The Best And Worst Parts Of Kelso And Jackie’s Relationship On That ’70s Show

As previously stated, Kelso and Jackie’s introduction into “That 70s Show” solidified them as two very superficial people. They were almost the antithesis of Eric and Donna. However, over time, they actually helped one another grow like a positive relationship should, even if it wasn’t long-lasting. Jackie in particular matured by leaps and bounds, learning a bit of selflessness and the importance of friendship. Meanwhile, Kelso was basically forced into learning how to be a good boyfriend. He went from flirting with other girls in front of Jackie to doing everything in an attempt to win her back. 

Additionally, their relationship exemplified how high school sweethearts can have a lasting effect on one another. Jackie took her kinder, softer nature into her new relationships, while Kelso learned to be less self absorbed and take into consideration the feelings of others, which is a win for both of them. 

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