The Biggest Unanswered Questions From Clickbait Season 1

Oh, Ben Park (Abraham Lim). At the start of the episode titled “The Reporter,” fans found themselves rooting for the ambitious Park. At various times, it does seem as though Ben is more fervently invested in breaking open the case than he is in achieving the coveted prime time television spot his boss repeatedly gives to his white, blonde, female co-worker. At other times, Ben is the absolute embodiment of the unscrupulous reporter who — as his partner Cameron (Jake Speer) points out — forgets there are “real people” on the other side of “stories.” 

When Ben ambushes Sophie during an interview with damning messages supposedly sent by Nick to one of the women he abused, fans see the real Ben Park come out. In many ways, Ben’s character speaks directly to the series’ title: everyone wants the scoop behind juicy news stories, but nobody wants to see how the proverbial sausage is made. Ben engages in several questionable activities in an effort to get to “the truth” — or, something he can legally speculate is the truth — behind Nick’s disappearance and death, and doesn’t appear to face consequences for any of them. From a legal standpoint, it’s unlikely he ever will, unless his now estranged partner decides to turn him into the police for breaking into Simon’s home. 

Still, what interested many fans was not the legal gray area surrounding Ben’s actions, but his conflicted relationship with Cameron, who is appalled to discover that not only does Ben not care about the “real people” he’s hurting, he sees that ability to disassociate as a necessary evil of good reporting. “I’m annoyed that we never really saw Ben again,” wrote u/hanzabananza. “I was actually kind of invested in his relationship!”

Since Ben and Cameron represent viewers’ lesser and better angels (respectively) with regard to news stories and the voyeuristic lack of compassion for the people in them, many are holding out hope for a Ben Park redemption. After all, if Ben is redeemable, so is the rest of clickbait-hungry society.  

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