The One Thing About Chicago Med That Fans Agree Makes No Sense

The answer appears to be convoluted, because, as Redditor u/Excellent-Medicine29 put it, “It’s one of those changing facts.” It was simple at first –- in Jay’s first episode, the brothers’ relationship was clear. “When he was introduced in PD Jay does refer to him [Will] as his little brother,” noted user u/ell_fin. Indeed, this was confirmed by a 2015 tweet from Soffer (who plays Jay), in which the actor was prehaps reacting to new information, writing, “Oh snap! Halstead has an older brother!”

But not so fast. Multiple fans pointed to some strong evidence indicating the opposite is true. “Will is older,” wrote u/HyalinSilkie. “There’s a little bit of resentment between the brothers because Will left to go to Med School while Jay was left behind before joining the army. And … when Jay is being held captive by the guy with a deadly virus, Will wants to go in with the police to protect his baby brother.” There’s a Jesse Lee Soffer tweet to back up this evidence too. Five years after posting that Jay “has an older brother,” the actor reversed course by tweeting, “Will is older on TV. Jesse is older in real life.”

So what’s the deal? It appears that the powers that be in the “One Chicago” head office simply changed their minds after watching the brothers’ dynamic play out on screen, deciding ultimately that Dr. Will is older than officer Jay. The only references to Jay being the big bro occurred back when Will joined the cast, but in recent years, the shows have firmly established Jay as the baby brother. “Either that,” original poster u/Aethermist88 replied, “or even the writers can’t agree on who is older/younger lol.”

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