The Real Reason American Pickers Never Visited Alaska

Though no one from the “American Pickers” team has confirmed this, much like Hawaii, it’s safe to assume that the trip to Alaska was too long and convoluted to warrant going on a pick there. From their flagship Antique Archaeology location in LeClaire, Iowa, to Alaska, it would have taken Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe just over two days to reach their destination. Not to mention, they’d have to cross the Canadian border on several occasions, making the adventure more of a hassle than it’s worth, no matter what goodies might have awaited them.

Even though Fritz and Wolfe never took the drive up North to see what Alaska had to offer, that hasn’t stopped locals from getting in on the thrill of the pick. The Anchorage Daily News ran a story in 2016 about Kelly Turney and his family, who found small-screen fame of their own via the short-lived series “Alaska Pickers.” Given the extreme conditions the state presents, Turney went to great lengths to uncover the state’s treasures and return them to their former glory, recalling, “We were stepping over dead moose carcasses, looking for out bears.”

“American Pickers” is still going strong, despite recent events, and it stands to reason that the show could someday go to Alaska. Although, considering that it hasn’t happened yet, after over a decade on the air, indicates otherwise. If nothing else, at least Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe’s influence managed to spread northward and inspire a few curious Alaskans.

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