The Rick And Morty Character Fans Wanted To Be A Permanent Addition

Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” ended with the reveal that Rick produced a perfect copy of his daughter, Beth, whom he sent out to have grand space adventures. The rest of the Smith family meet her for the first time in Season 4, which naturally causes a lot of issues. To make matters worse, even Rick has no idea who the real Beth is and who’s the clone. It shows the depths of how little Rick actually cares for other people, and it seemed like Space Beth would stick around for a while, but then she went AWOL.

Aside from a brief glimpse in a single Season 5 episode, Space Beth’s existence doesn’t seem to have affected the Smiths all that much. They all go about their daily lives, not worrying if the Beth who makes them breakfast is the real one. If Space Beth had stayed closer to home, she could’ve functioned as a constant reminder of Rick’s hubris and willingness to discard those who love him the most. Even if the show didn’t go as deep with her presence, there was still ample comedy to be mined out of the two literally identical women.

Plus, can you imagine an episode where Jerry tries to convince the two versions of his wife to have a three-way with him but in classic, awkward Jerry fashion? The bit practically writes itself. 

Despite not becoming a permanent addition to the cast, we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Space Beth. After all, she’s out there in the cosmos battling the Galactic Federation, and Rick just can’t seem to get away for too long from the government body.

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