The Shockingly Famous Artwork On The Wall In Pawn Stars

The “Pawn Stars” crew is always ready to make a buck. Early in the show’s run, you could find a price tag for the Jim Morrison painting; however, over the years, it’s since received an update with a listing mentioning how it’s not for sale. Keeping it to improve the overall vibe of the store must be seen as more critical to the Harrisons than making a little more money, and once you know the history of the painting, you’ll see why.

It’s not just any work of art. Speed artist Danny Dent created the painting, and as the title suggests, speed artists work to create something as quickly as possible. It needs to be seen to be believed, so check out this video of Dent creating a beautiful portrait of Jimi Hendrix on a wall in three minutes. What’s even more impressive is that he does it all by memory. There’s no reference source; it’s literally Dent throwing paint against a canvas and managing to create something extraordinary.

Each painting Dent made was one-of-a-kind, and he became a Las Vegas fixture by performing his art at casinos around the city. At one point, he even made a portrait of President Gerald Ford in eight minutes (via The New York Times). Dent passed away in 2004, but his work lives on. And it’s abundantly clear the “Pawn Stars” crew is a big fan of his career.

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