What Steven Yeun Has Been Up To Since The Walking Dead

Since 2019, Steven Yeun has played a major part of the hit animated series “Tuca & Bertie,” about two anxious, single, anthropomorphic birds living in the big city. Specifically, Yeun voices Speckle, an architect robin, who is Bertie (Ali Wong)’s erstwhile boyfriend. He is notable for his kindness and protective nature toward Bertie, and his friendship toward the vivacious Tuca. The three of them often find themselves off on joint adventures together, with Speckle being almost as important to the narrative as the two birds in the title. Speckle has become very popular with members of the show’s audience, as explained by Vulture, many of whom have taken to referring to Speckle as “Best Boy.”

“Tuca & Bertie” started life on Netflix, but it was cancelled after one season. Cartoon Network revived it for its Adult Swim block of mature animated programs, and there it has thrived, earning a recent Season 3 renewal, ensuring that Yeun’s Speckle will continue entertaining viewers.

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