Why Renji From Netflix’s Kate Looks So Familiar

At this point, as evidenced by his appearance in “Kate,” Tadanobu Asano has become a Hollywood mainstay. The years following his MCU appearances saw him branch out into more blockbusters, such as “47 Ronin” and “Battleship.” Just recently, he was also seen in another high-profile actioner, in an even more central capacity: In the 2021 “Mortal Kombat,” he played fan favorite Lord Raiden, the God of Thunder and de-facto mentor to the rest of the ensemble.

Raiden’s depiction, like much of the film’s treatment of “Mortal Kombat” lore, was met with some controversy among fans; per a Reddit thread, some felt that the script and direction leaned too heavily on the surlier aspects of Raiden’s personality and kept Asano from fully realizing the character’s potential as an inspirational leadership figure. Still, for Asano himself, the experience of playing Raiden was its own reward; as he told Gamerbraves, both he and his child are “MK” fans. Plus, the film offered him a chance to set the record straight after whitewashed live-action portrayals of Raiden in the past by actors such as Christopher Lambert.

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