AHS Fans Agree That This Is Evan Peters’ Best Character On The Show

“American Horror Story” fans believe that out of all the characters that Evan Peters has played, the murderous ghost of James Patrick March from “Hotel” (Season 5) is the best. But the poll was actually very close. Out of the hundreds of Redditors who voted, only seven users separated March from the runner-up, Kai Anderson from “Cult” (Season 8). The next two characters in the running were Murder House’s Tate Langdon and Kit Walker from “Asylum” (Season 2), both tied for third.

The fan-favorite James Patrick March was the original designer of the infamous Hotel Cortez in “Hotel,” where during the 1920s and 1930s, he dispatched his hotel guests in over-the-top ways and would hide the bodies in even crazier fashion. Eventually, though, he wound up damning himself to a life of ghoulish exploits, slitting his throat and becoming trapped as a spirit after nearly being arrested for his slayings.

March’s macabre backstory and sadistic charm, coupled with his kooky 1930’s look, seem to be what ultimately struck a chord with fans. “Evan peters with weird moustache and cartoonishly evil accent makes me ,” wrote one Redditor. “I voted James because i didn’t even notice it was him,” another said. A character and performance so good you don’t even recognize the actor? Sounds like a worthy favorite.

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