Anthony Mackie To Lead Live-Action Twisted Metal Series

The original “Twisted Metal” game debuted in 1995 on the PlayStation. Players selected a character, each with a unique backstory and vehicle tricked out to compete in the game’s titular combat tournament. The goal was simple: destroy all the other vehicles until only you were left standing.

Later games in the series expanded on the combat mechanics and lore. “Twisted Metal: Black,” the first installment released on the PlayStation 2, took the series in a decidedly darker tone and introduced the character John Doe, who appears to serve as a loose inspiration for Mackie’s role in the upcoming series. While the franchise regularly incorporated new elements, the inclusion of vehicular combat and characters like the iconic mascot Sweet Tooth, a demonic clown who drives a menacing ice cream truck, remained a constant.

Speaking of Sweet Tooth, Deadline’s reporting indicates that the character will appear in the upcoming series. Based on what little we know about the plot and our protagonist, it seems that the show will be taking a playful and chaotic approach to the material, more similar to the vibe of the earlier games. Considering all of the talent behind the adaptation, this will be one to keep your eyes on.

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