Does What If…? Confirm Two Absolute Points In Time?

By Episode 6, Tony Stark has died three times in the series. The first was by Hank Pym in Episode 3, the second was by zombies in Episode 5, and finally by Killmonger in the recent installment. Of course, we know Tony dies in “Avengers: Endgame” and saves the universe in the process, but does his recurring death in “What If…?” mean anything? Perhaps Tony’s death across all universes and realities is an Absolute Point in time.

Additionally, someone else whose life always seems to be cut short in the MCU is Vision (Paul Bettany). The synthezoid dies twice in “Avengers: Infinity War,” and kinda-sorta again in “WandaVision.” Granted, this Vision is actually just a projection of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), which she created through chaos magic. It’s not the real Vision that we know — but we did have to watch him perish a third time. In the zombie episode of “What If…?” Vision dies, again, after sacrificing himself by removing the Mind Stone from his forehead. Is this another Absolute Point across all MCU realities? It sure seems like it, which doesn’t give much hope for White Vision moving forward. Technically, he’s not a true Vision, so maybe his life will be spared — we hope.

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