Here’s What Makes Criminal Minds Killer Floyd Feylinn Ferell So Twisted

The episode opens with a flashback to 1988, when Floyd Feylinn Ferell was a minor being held at the Florida-located Hazelwood Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He’s about to turn 18, so the doctors by law must discharge him, although they’re scared that his sadistic sexual fantasies will start becoming murderous realities once he’s released. Before we the audience even see the BAU, we already learn about his proclivity for violence — and his worship of the Christian Devil, which he uses to justify his homicidal urges.

Flashforward to present day, when the 19-year-old Abby Kelton is found dead in her town of Bridgewater, Florida, her body totally brutalized. Only her upper half was found, her throat slit. A pentagram was carved into her chest, and she was forced to eat 10 severed fingers, none of them her own — yikes. The BAU deals with a lot of corpses, but the bodies Ferell leaves behind are some of the most disturbingly butchered. Even though there’s only one body at this point, the BAU knows they’ve got a sadistic serial killer on their hands.

Particularly tragic is that when Garcia runs the prints on the fingers found at the scene of the crime, her database easily finds matches for each finger, as all the victims had criminal records for sex work. It was only once a respectable college girl went missing that the local police cared enough to investigate. From the start, it’s clear that Floyd Feylinn Ferell is a cold and calculated killer targeting society’s low-hanging fruit.

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