Here’s Why Fans Believe Gibbs Made An Uncharacteristic Kill On NCIS

Fans shared their thoughts about the implication that Gibbs went through with the uncharacteristic revenge kill in a thread on Reddit started by “NCIS” fan u/SuspiciousPut6441.

They asked why Gibbs would have done it in the first place — as Redditor u/johninga pointed out, “Where is it shown that Gibbs specifically killed the guy?” because he has a rule against revenge killings. However, they also note how Gibbs had already killed a man and has talked about how revenge doesn’t change anything.

So, it seems that “NCIS” fans think Gibbs killed the man who caused harm to his coworkers to prevent Agents Bishop and Torres from the consequences of carrying out a revenge killing themselves. As Redditor u/jayt00212 wrote, “Gibbs once told Tony [Michael Weatherly] ‘Don’t be me.’ And I always felt like that pretty much covered it.”

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