Professionals Release Date, Cast, And Plot- What We Know So Far

As for what that talented crew will be doing in “Professionals,” per the TV Line piece, the new series finds Welling portraying Vincent Korbo, a former special ops ace turned freelance security specialist who’s protects the interests of his clients by any means necessary. That includes Fraser’s billionaire futurist, Peter Swann, who hires Welling’s team upon discovering foul play may be behind one of his biggest projects going bust in spectacular fashion. Complicating the duo’s working relationship is Ayana’s Dr. Grace Davila, a medical genius who is currently engaged to Swann, but used to be involved with Korbo.

There’s lots of tension working within that trio, as the trailer for “Professionals” has made clear. You might notice the series is boasting a distinctly action-packed 80s-90s buddy flick vibe, with Welling and Fraser trading jabs amid some “Bad Boys” meets “The A-Team” styled action — all of which is fueled by the pair’s discovery of a vast international conspiracy far beyond anything they could’ve imagined. 

Call us crazy, but “Professionals” looks like loads of fun, and this show should be well worth a look when it finally makes its way to The CW.

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