Sandman Series Will Bend Genres With Adaptations Of Key Issues

“I think it’s a very truthful adaptation,” Goyer told Collider. “And some of the individual issues that we adapted, that were perhaps the trickiest standalone issues in Gaiman’s run, have ended up being the most interesting and genre-bending episodes. And I’m really proud of those.”

Goyer didn’t specify which episodes of “The Sandman” he was referring to, but the first season of “The Sandman” will cover the first two volumes of the graphic novel, “Preludes and Nocturnes” and “The Doll’s House,” both of which contain many standalone stories, and there are some obvious candidates within. “24 Hours” was the sixth overall issue of the series and takes place entirely in a dream-diner where the patrons slowly go insane. Another is “Tales in the Sand,” about a love-stricken ruler of a mythical African kingdom. And then there’s “Dream of a Thousand Cats,” which is so wild and iconic, it’s for the best if we don’t attempt to summarize it here.

Goyer certainly knows how easily an adaptation of “The Sandman” can go wrong, but the fact that he’s this excited about the show’s challenges is a good sign. “The Sandman” doesn’t currently have a release date, but since the first season has officially finished filming, hopefully the announcement won’t be too far off.

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