The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Fans Wanted To Be A Permanent Addition

With all of the loveable side characters that have appeared throughout the series, deciding who would make the best permanent addition was no easy task for fans. Most viewers, however, considered either detective Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) or Doug Judy (Craig Robinson). This is easy to understand, as both have had recurring roles in the series that have always been very popular with fans.

However, deciding between the two is not that simple, and plenty would prefer neither to become permanent cast members. “The best characters are the ones that leave you wanting for more,” wrote Redditor u/Trania86 in a post about Doug Judy. “So many great characters have been ruined by pushing them in the spotlight for a cash grab, I’m glad B99 didn’t do that.”

That being said, the upvotes don’t lie. While only 68 people upvoted the post proposing that Judy should become a permanent character, over 3,200 upvoted a post about him being the best side character. This makes it pretty clear that if fans were to have any character become a permanent cast member, Doug Judy, The Pontiac Bandit, would be their first choice.

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