The Ending Of Westworld Season 2 Explained

Perhaps the biggest 180-degree reversal of all of the characters in “Westworld” came from Dolores, who ventured far from her “damsel in distress” storyline in Season 2. Awakened by her solving of The Maze in Season 1, Dolores has put her once gentle nature aside in favor of becoming a bloodthirsty warlord. She kills humans and hosts alike without mercy, and all in the name of survival. However, it seems that survival soon becomes a secondary goal for Dolores — revenge has taken its place, and everything else is simply necessary collateral.

In her goal to eject all humans from the park, Dolores resorts to manipulation and ruthlessly sacrificing others. She forcefully overwrites Teddy’s (James Marsden) control unit to make him more compliant to her violent behavior, which results in Teddy ultimately dying by suicide. She rescues her father, Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum), from Delos security, yet she then heartlessly rips out his “brain” for the control key inside. It seems that she no longer cares for those she once loved, and what affection she once had has been replaced by cold calculation — an ironic turn when one considers her journey to gain true sentience.

In the Season 2 finale, Dolores escapes the park in the body of host Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) with Bernard’s help. Yet in the final, chilling scene, she has a confrontation with Bernard, which establishes that while the two of them are not friends, they must work together as allies against the humans.

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