The Untold Truth Of Sophia Di Martino

A lot of MCU actors didn’t grow up reading comics. Many of them, in fact, didn’t even watch MCU movies before they were cast in one. This was true of “Loki” stars Owen Wilson and Sophia Di Martino. Thus, Tom Hiddleston, whose performance as the god of mischief has been dazzling fans since 2011, took it upon himself to organize a grand lecture on Loki’s thorny and complicated backstory, and that of the MCU as a whole.

“There was a whiteboard, I’m afraid,” Hiddleston told Variety. “I said to Kate Herron, our director, ‘Would it be helpful if I gave everybody all the information at the same time?’ And Kate and Kevin Wright, our producer, were like, ‘That’s a brilliant idea.’ Shamefully, it then became a Loki lecture.” “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier” was being shot nearby, but as a disappointed Anthony Mackie made clear, “They scheduled one of our biggest scenes so we could not sneak out and crash the Tom Hiddleston symposium.”

Di Martino was grateful for the unique experience. “It was like, ‘Here’s this whole universe that we’re entering. Let me explain everything,'” she told It speaks to Tom Hiddleston’s dedication to MCU lore that he’s not only become an expert on all of this, but also understands why it’s important: As he put it, “These films mean so much to so many people and that is a privilege.”

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