The What If…? Episode 6 Moment That Made No Sense To MCU Fans

In the r/MarvelsWhatIf subreddit, u/Squirrelsona said, “I wish they would have gone into how Shuri figured it out tho bc that ending was kinda abrupt.” 

Indeed, it seems like quite the deus ex machina that Shuri suddenly knew the truth about Killmonger. She explains to Pepper, “Mr. Stark was a genius — but he’s not the only genius.” Shuri’s incredible intellect and technological skill have been shown in depth in both “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” so it’s not entirely far-fetched she discovered what really happened to T’Challa and Tony. 

U/Groot726, however, echoed the confusion, but had a plausible explanation: “Yeah, I definitely could have done for an extra couple of minutes or so to his actual downfall: maybe these are designed to be returned to in season 2, though?” A second season of “What If…?” has already been confirmed, and Kevin Feige has revealed it will focus largely on Phase 4 of the MCU. As Killmonger is dead in the official MCU timeline (and therefore not part of Phase 4), we’re unsure if the character be appearing in the sophomore season of “What If…?” or if his story will be complete when it airs.

Either way, “What If…?” has shown itself to be can’t-miss viewing for Marvel devotees, and we’re excited to see what happens in the season’s remaining three episodes, dropping Wednesdays on Disney+.

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