The Worst Character In American Horror Story According To Fans

“American Horror Story” fans despise Ivy Mayfair-Richards from Season 7, “Cult,” more than any other character. Ivy (played by Alison Pill) was one of Kai Anderson’s (Peters) followers and plays a pivotal role in trying to destroy Ally Mayfair-Richards’ (Sarah Paulson) life. “Ivy from Cult was gross,” stated Background_Ad_4119 in the most popular comment. “[I]vy has absolutely no redeeming qualities,” wrote ahs_hailey.

So what constitutes a bad character? According to AHSismypassion, “There’s a bad character in almost every season who serves little to no purpose or is just plain reckless.” Ivy is important in that she provides a link between Kai and Ally, but beyond that, fans just find her frustrating. AHSismypassion enthusiastically went on to supply a list of the worst characters from every season, and aside from Ivy, Dinah Stevens (Porter) from “Apocalypse,” Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) from “Hotel,” and Chet Clancy (Gus Kenworthy) from “1984” all made the cut.

Ivy isn’t the only “Cult” character fans dislike. Claradox argued, “Valerie Solanas, Cult. Lena Dunham came in like a wrecking ball and chewed the scenery. It was awful.” Trevaconda gave Pill’s character just a slight edge over Billie Lourd’s nanny from hell. “Ivy and Winter. Ivy more so, but christ Winter was so inconsistent.” Other unpopular “AHS” characters Redditors mention are Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) in “Murder House,” Peters’ character in “Coven,” Kyle Spencer, and Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) in “Freak Show.” But none drew more ire than Ivy.

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