Theories About Nickelodeon Shows That Change Everything

1992’s “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” always feels like it exists just a little to the south of reality. Sure, a lot of it seems real enough, and some of the more fantastic elements might be explained away as a subjective interpretation of events by the show’s two young protagonists. Yet there’s one beloved character who takes reality and chews it all up before spitting right out: Artie, Little Pete’s personal superhero.

The show frequently depicts Artie, the self-proclaimed “strongest man in the world,” performing feats well beyond that what a normal human can do, like lifting entire houses… which, as Danny Tamberelli, Little Pete’s actor, mentioned on NickRewind, still leads fans of the show to ask: is Artie real?

As far as Tamberelli is concerned, the answer is a resounding yes. The show seems to back the actor up, as Artie interacts with several people on “Pete & Pete” on a regular basis, and not just Little Pete. Besides, would an entire group of parents try to get Artie kicked out of town if he wasn’t real? Of course, pretty much everything Artie-related could have been dreamed up by Little Pete anyway, including the times it appeared the striped-shirt superbeing was talking to others. Maybe it’s all just a metaphor, although Tamberelli’s word seems pretty definitive… unless, of course, Artie is real, but his superhero feats are just sleight of hand. 

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