What Is The Key At The End Of Locke & Key’s Season 2 Trailer?

The trailer shows all sorts of key power-related action that fans were introduced to in Season 1, before switching to a sequence that seems to depict the forging of a new key. Viewers see Gabe (Griffin Gluck) don steampunk-style goggles as he pours molten metal into a cast. He soon digs out a key from a pile of ashes, revealing an ominous skull-shaped key.

Fans on Reddit tried to decipher what this key might be, with some reaching back to the graphic novel of the same name that served as source material for “Locke & Key.” Redditor /u/PetraVenkman noted that while the keys didn’t resemble anything from the comics, “I’m hoping it’s Netflix’s play on the Bitey Key or the Animal Key. I’d love to see either of those on screen.”

If this is the case, fans might see the Bitey Key grant access to a door made of teeth, which consumes anyone who enters it. Alternatively, the Animal Key opens the Animal Door, which allows humans who pass through it to transform into an animal avatar.

Others on Reddit noted that this scene of key creation is something of a deviation from the original story, in the same vein as the show’s move away from the horror genre, which may mean that fans should be ready for all new powers. Viewers will know for sure when Season 2 premieres in its entirety on Netflix this October.

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