Zora From Sonny With A Chance Is Unrecognizable Now

Zora was, indeed, a bit of an odd duck. In a Disney Channel promo for the series, the network said Zora was tiny, different, and quirky, calling her the prankster of the crew. In “Sonny wIth a Chance,” the first encounter viewers had with her was as Lovato’s character opened up an Egyptian mummy case replica that she was resting in, and both scream in surprise, with Zora saying, “Don’t you knock?” 

She’s shown, from early on, to be not just a lover of confined spaces, but also a great eavesdropper, crawling through pipes and vents to make sure she has a good view of the dramatic, funny happenings on set — such as the conflict between Sonny and Tawny (Tiffany Thornton). She’s also considered the most intelligent of the lot, often using her smarts to manipulate the others. In one episode, “Sonny with a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling,” she even had a love interest. “Zora and I are both extremely outgoing and not afraid to speak our minds. I think our biggest similarity is that we are unapologetically ourselves. We may be a little odd, but we embrace it,” actress Arm told Zycie Muzyka Pasje in an interview from 2019. 

Following the end of “Sonny with a Chance,” the Disney Channel decided to continue with the same cast (sans Lovato), but a new show format: it turned the show-within-a-show “So Random” into an actual sketch comedy series (via Billboard). Unfortunately, the family-friendly “Saturday Night Live” style show didn’t catch on with viewers, and it was not renewed after the first season (via Clevver TV). 

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