The Truth About How Jason Momoa Got His Eyebrow Scar

In what Jason Momoa told Access Hollywood he believes was part of a “gang initiation,” a man “smashed a pint glass” in the actor’s face, leaving a wound that required 140 stitches. “It was crazy,” he said of the incident, adding that — on the plus side — it helped him “get those mean roles.” As Men’s Health reports, Dominic Bando (the man who hit Momoa) initially plead not guilty to charges of assault with a deadly weapon but was ultimately sentenced to five years in prison. 

While the story behind the scar is decidedly unfortunate, Momoa’s clearly managed to make the most of the new facial feature, which no doubt helped him look the part of characters such as the infamous Khal Drogo and the lesser-known but equally compelling Declan Harp on Netflix’s “Frontier.” As he told The New York Post in 2011, before the scar he was consistently called a “pretty boy,” so, as he put it, “If anything, it’s like, ‘Good’ … it’s not my thing now.” 

Nonetheless, even if Momoa isn’t exactly “proud” of his pre-scar acting work in “Baywatch: Hawaii,” (via Entertainment Weekly), it still seems like a helluva stretch to give the scar too much credit. There are few actors who could lie their way into a first audition (via Square Mile), struggle to find work for years after their debut, and then enjoy a consistent and meteoric rise playing iconic characters — with or without scars. 

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