How Ordinary Joe Made Star James Wolk Reconsider His Own Life

“There was a moment of, like, do I pursue the arts, like rockstar Joe? Do I follow the path that’s maybe a little more traditional, like law, or Joe being a cop? Or do I stay in Michigan? There was definitely a time when there were three distinct paths, and [the question was] ‘Which way do I go?’ Thank god I chose the arts, because here I am.”

But in day to day life, when he’s not thinking deeply about the concept of his own show, “what if” isn’t really a question he’s asking anymore. He says he thinks less about the other paths he could have taken because he’s married, he’s got two children, and he’s busy on the path he did take.

Life, he says, is full of “new junction points,” like when an actor signs on to a new show. Maybe, if Ordinary Joe catches on with audiences in the way Wolk thinks it will, he won’t need a new junction point for a few seasons, at least.

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