The Morning Show’s Hasan Minhaj Dishes On Its Star-Studded Cast And Hilarious Moments On Set

What was it like filming that incredible song and dance number with Reese?

I took it really seriously. I had the choreographer send me the iPhone video the night before. I was in my hotel room, making sure I hit all my marks. I really got into the body roll. I was like, “Okay, shoulders, chest, stomach.” I was doing the whole thing. I was like, “Okay, add this.” 

We’re doing all this stuff that was extra. It didn’t end up making some of the first episodes, but I took it very seriously. And I want everybody to know, I genuinely was trying my hardest. I know people are supposed to do it and be like, “Oh, it’s a morning news anchor who’s bad at dancing, but he thinks he’s good.” I genuinely was trying to be good.

Is there anything we can expect from a gag reel? Any hilarious things?

The gag reel. Yeah. There were times that we broke. Hopefully, they release extras. That’d be really funny, like bloopers and stuff. That’d be really fun.

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