Check Out The First Trailer For Kate Beckinsale’s Paramount Comedy Series

The trailer starts off by introducing Beth, a once-respected journalist whose career and personal life have fallen apart — although it doesn’t say exactly why her career has hit the skids. When the show begins, she’s working for a much-younger editor, Amber, who reminds her that her reputation is in the toilet. She’s also drinking too much, and her marriage is unfulfilling.

Then, along comes Beth’s opportunity at redemption: Toni’s case. 

Right away, Toni and everyone else question Beth’s motivations. Toni correctly points out that Beth just wants to revive her career, while Amber wonders if Beth has a white savior complex. Undeterred, Beth digs deeper and deeper into the case, uncovering a world of gun-smuggling, small-town crime, corruption, and murder — even though nobody really asked her to. 

Is Toni actually innocent? And can Beth help her get free without making it all about herself? We’ll find out in about a month.

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