Netflix’s New Sandman Trailer Finally Gives Fans A First Look At Morpheus

The teaser for Netflix’s “The Sandman” starts with Charles Dance’s Roderick Burgess attempting to trap Death in the undercroft of his manor. The spell he recites is taken from the comic book’s first issue — requiring a coin made from stone, a feather from an angel’s wing, and his blood. We see Ruthven Sykes, Burgess’ second-in-command, look on in terror as the spell takes hold. We also see Roderick’s son, Alex, taking part in the ritual. It will be under Alex’s watch that Dream escapes his 70-year prison. Additionally, we also get our first look at Tom Sturridge as Morpheus.

What the trailer doesn’t show is the impact Dream’s capture has on the world. Several people develop a sleeping sickness, where they are never fully awake. One such person — a girl named Unity Kinkaid — is the victim of a sexual assault while in a 70-year coma. She gives birth to a child, who then gives birth to Rose Walker. Rose becomes a main character in “Sandman” and will be played by Kyo Ra in the series. Several dreams also escape Morpheus’ realm during his capture, including the Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook).

“The Sandman” is expected to land on Netflix in 2022.

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