How Evangeline Lilly Really Felt About Her Storylines On Lost

In an interview with “The LOST Boys” podcast, Evangeline Lilly talked about her time on the series and some of Kate’s storylines she took issue with. She shared, “As the show went on, I felt like she became more and more predictable and obnoxious. I felt like my character went from being autonomous — really having her own story and her own journey and her own agendas — to chasing two men around the island,” and added, “I wanted her to be better because she was an icon for strength and autonomy for women, and I thought we could have done better than that.”

Lilly did work with what she was given, though. She remarked, “I think I tried very, very hard to take what I was given and always find the way to show her strength, find the way to have her own thoughts and opinions and ideas, and to take moments that I thought might be a bit whiny and somehow make them not whiny.” 

“The great thing about that is that she was flawed, and that’s so important,” she continued. “If you don’t have flaws in the women on screen, then what you’re telling the world is that women have to be perfect if they’re going to be lovable. If you have flawed women on screen who are also icons of femininity, [and] are also beloved, then it gives us all permission to be flawed.”

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