Ozark’s Bloody Season 4 Teaser Has Fans Buzzing For The Show’s Finale

The sneak peek “Ozark” Season 4 clip (via YouTube) opens at a party with mariachi music playing and the guests having a good time. The celebration doesn’t last long; the footage quickly cuts to Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) in a bathroom. The couple stands at a sink and cleans blood off of each other. Both Marty and Wendy are visibly shaken are they try to erase signs of wrongdoing. The trailer ends with the married couple staring into the hallway of a mansion as looks of concern spread across their faces. It sounds like someone is coming toward them, which suggests more trouble is coming for the money-launderers.

On Twitter, the new “Ozark” Season 4 clip included news that the upcoming season will arrive in 2022. Fans shared their reactions to both the clip and the release date. Twitter user @adaabrooks wrote, “Let’s go!” and added in a fancam of Wendy Byrde. Additionally, user @TheVelvetVoyce queried about the 2022 debut, asking, “As in January 1, 2022?? Cuz we[‘ve] been waiting long enough!! Lol.” “Ozark” fan @KayleighRossett joined in, adding, “Yeah, I’m going to need you to narrow down that time frame a bit…” Finally, @RawlinJulia echoed every fan’s thoughts, writing, “Yeah, brilliant. One of the best shows I have seen on Netflix.”

“Ozark” Season 4 lands on Netflix in 2022.

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