Chicago Party Aunt EP Ike Barinholtz Dishes On How Mindy Kaling Influenced The Show

When asked if there’s anyone Barinholtz worked with from other roles that he’d love to see on the show at some point, the actor was quick to praise his former co-star and boss, Mindy Kaling. “Well, yeah. I would say Mindy for both. While I had never done an adult animated show before, at its core, we wanted it to kind of feel familiar enough — where it does still feel a little bit like a sitcom.” And Kaling’s impact on the show certainly feels tangible.

“Having spent six years on ‘The Mindy Project’ and the writing and producing side of it, I really kind of just stole exactly what Mindy taught us and found that’s really kind of the best way to break stories — whether you’re doing a live-action or a comedy,” he added. “And I would love to see her on the ‘Chicago Party Aunt’ […] I would love to see her energy go up against a Diane’s.” 

Now, that would certainly be a fun ride.

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