Meet Bachelorette Michelle Young’s Suitors for Season 18

After previously teasing the potential suitors in July, ABC has finally revealed the official list of men who will participate in season 18 of The Bachelorette.

With the premiere less than a month away, it’s about time we’ve met the group that’ll compete for Michelle Young‘s final rose. And we’re happy to report that some of our favorites from the potential list of suitors have made into the final cut of competitors. For instance, the lovable-looking Canadian Christopher G. is on the list, and we’ve since learned that he’s a motivational speaker.

Alas, not everyone fared as well as Christopher G., as New Jersey resident Eric appears to not have made it onto the show. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty to look forward to this season. (HINT: The new Bachelor, Clayton Echard, is among this group of men.)

As fans of the franchise well know, Katie Thurston‘s season of The Bachelorette is unconventionally being followed by another season of the female-led dating competition. While this decision was unexpected, we aren’t one bit upset as Young, an elementary school teacher and a former Division I basketball player, won over America after being Matt James‘ runner-up in season 25 of The Bachelor.

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