The Last Of Us Fans Are Losing It Over The First Look At The HBO Series

The first look at HBO’s “The Last of Us” comes courtesy of Naughty Dog’s Twitter account, and if you didn’t know what you’re looking at, you might mistake it for a screenshot from the first “The Last of Us” game. The image show’s Pascal’s Joel and Ramsay’s Ellie looking a whole lot like they do in the game, right down to the pins on Ellie’s backpack. Adding to the illusion is the way the two face away from the camera, just like they would in the game’s third-person perspective.

The image depicts Joel and Ellie looking at a distant hill, on top of which the remains of a plane can be seen. The open location implies that they’ve been on the road for a while, and the lack of visible weapons and their moderately clean clothes imply that this is one of the all-too-rare peaceful moments during their adventures. Apart from that, it’s difficult to pick up too much information from this first look image, apart from one thing: HBO’s “The Last of Us” is certainly looking very, very interesting. 

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